Photography training

May 05, 2017  •  1 Comment

We recently had the first of this year's portrait training days at Lacock Photography, and this time Martha modelled for us. She is a keen photographer herself so it was interesting for her to see what we were doing and to be on the other side of the lens. The April weather was beautiful - real summer warmth, and it made the whole experience even more enjoyable. As usual, we started off in the training room and then we walked around Lacock, stopping when potentially good lighting and background opportunities arose. Because of the nice weather it was REALLY busy, and one of the tourists asked if Martha was someone famous!

Practicing photographing people using a young female modelPractice with modelsMartha in Lacock bus shelter


Practicing photographing people using a young female modelPractice with modelsBeautiful back light with a fill in reflector giving the eyes a catch light

For this picture we placed Martha with the sun behind her, giving her hair lovely rim lighting. To light the face we then used a reflector to camera left, as can be seen in the catch lights in her eyes. 


Practicing photographing people using a young female modelPractice with modelsModel photographed in a doorway using natural light

The cluttered background of the training room becomes dark as Martha has much more light on her than the background. We remembered to turn the lights off, which helps a lot!

Practicing photographing people using a young female modelPractice with modelsA high key portrait using natural light

This was taken in Lacock bus shelter using available light! You really don't need studio lighting to get good results.

Thanks, Martha, for giving us some great picture opportunities and we look forward to seeing you again at Lacock Photography next month.


Sedex Conference 2017

April 15, 2017  •  1 Comment

Last week I spent 2 days in central London at the QEII Conference Centre photographing the annual Sedex conference. Sedex is "home to the world’s largest collaborative platform for sharing responsible sourcing data on supply chains." Many of the talks were too detailed for me to want to listen to, especially all the stuff about auditing! But Vincent from France gave a very interesting talk on how to feed the world of tomorrow with safe and responsibly sourced food. He was a good speaker and photographed well too, which is a bonus for me!

Sedex speakerSedex speaker Sedex speakerSedex speaker Sedex speakerSedex speaker Sedex speakerSedex speaker I didn't want to distract the audience by using flash so had to carefully set the exposure to blow out the back light from the window and get the correct exposure on Vincent's face. I used the clarity control, when processing in Lightroom, to give that extra punch.

Portrait photography training

April 03, 2017  •  2 Comments

The next Lacock Photography portrait training day is this Sunday, so it got me thinking about putting a few pictures from the last session on my blog... and then I saw how long ago I last blogged! Oh dear. My Facebook page gets a lot more attention. 

Philippa modelled for the first time for us in October of last year and here are a few of the pictures I managed to get, in between helping the students and holding the reflector. 

Lacock Photography training dayLacock Photography training day

Such an elegant woman and pose! It was taken in the doorway of the training room using natural light. 

Lacock Photography training dayLacock Photography training day This picture was taken just outside the door of the previous shot. I love the lines and colour of the wooden slatting.

Lacock Photography training dayLacock Photography training day Philippa changed into more practical clothing for our walk into Lacock village. We had many stops all around the beautiful village looking for good light and background. This was taken against one of the old stone walls. It's such a photogenic village and with a young photogenic lady to model for us, what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon! Thanks, Philippa! 

Winkworth Farm wedding

September 29, 2016  •  3 Comments

Looking back to last month's weddings I wanted to share this one with you. It started off very wet and windy - why were most Saturdays this summer wet?! But the family were all very excited about the wedding and the bride had a relaxed time preparing with family and bridesmaids at home, regardless of the rain outside. Rosie was radiant. 

A pensive brideA pensive bride

I love taking candid pictures during the preparations - I think they are much more evocative than most posed pictures.

Black and white bride portraitBlack and white bride portrait

The bride listening to her proud mother.

We all managed to get into the church with a lot of fiddling with umbrellas. The service was very moving, with a few tear being shed.

The exchange of rings in churchThe exchange of rings in church

After the ceremony it was still raining so we stayed inside to take some more formal pictures of the wedding party.

Bride and groom full length formal pose in churchBride and groom full length formal pose in church

A fun family pictureA fun family picture I usually take pictures of everyone looking at me but then like to mix it up with more informal pictures where some natural smiles develop. 

Black and white fun picture of ushers with bride and groomBlack and white fun picture of ushers with bride and groom A tender moment between bride and groomA tender moment between bride and groom

I made the most of the lovely light in the church to get some close up bridal couple shots.

Couple by bridal car outside Winkworth FarmCouple by bridal car outside Winkworth Farm Luckily it stopped raining once we arrived at Winkworth Farm so the rest of the pictures could be taken outside. This lovely old car was a surprise for Rosie and Ollie from Rosie's parents.

Bride and groom fun picture through ivy heartBride and groom fun picture through ivy heart

There are lots of lovely places to take pictures at Winkworth Farm.

Confetti shotConfetti shot One of many confetti shots which I love to do as expressions are never fixed!

Bride and groom close upBride and groom close up

Whilst the wedding guests were all going in to be seated ready for the wedding breakfast I took Rosie and Ollie away for 10 minutes of bride and groom photography. It's so important to make sure that I get good pictures of the bride and groom together with good lighting and a little posing.

Bridal couple in hay barnBridal couple in hay barn

The barn in Winkworth Farm is a great place for photography with some lovely light. I could easily have stayed there for an extra hour just taking pictures!

Wind blowing veil over bride and groomWind blowing veil over bride and groom

As I was busy taking different pictures of the couple the wind blew Rosie's veil over both their heads. I sometimes take pictures like this but it can look a little cheesy, but this was completely unplanned and gave some great expressions after this shot!

Thanks for inviting Simon and me to be your wedding photographers. We really enjoyed the day and wish you both the best for your future lives together.


A perfect country wedding

August 03, 2016  •  1 Comment

Last Friday I photographed a wedding with the ceremony in Malmesbury Town Hall and the reception in a marquee in the bride's parents' garden in Minety. A few years ago, big sister also had her reception in the garden, and it was a real treat to see the family again and meet the 2 new children. The weather was perfect for lounging around in the garden, drinking and talking with friends and family. The bride and groom didn't want many posed group pictures so there was plenty of time to get lots of candid pictures of guests enjoying themselves and I captured a lot of laughter. Here are just a few of the pictures from the afternoon.

Bridal portraitBridal portrait

The bride's beautiful dress was a creation of her aunt's, Sally Lacock, who has a shop in London. It looked stunning on Holly.

Holly was keen to get in and marry her man!

The newly married coupleThe newly married couple

The bride and groom had a moment to themselves as the witnesses signed the register.



One of the confetti shotsOne of the confetti shots

The confetti shots are always fun, as there's no posing and lots of smiles! Holly's little nephew was keen to join in.

A posed bride and groom pictureA posed bride and groom picture

We managed to snatch a few minutes of time for some bride and groom photography. A family member held a reflector to give a bit of extra light into the faces as the sun was behind the couple. 

Good luck for the future, Holly and Toby, and for your lives together.