Anna Durrant Photography: Blog en-us (C) Anna Durrant Photography [email protected] (Anna Durrant Photography) Wed, 28 Oct 2020 19:01:00 GMT Wed, 28 Oct 2020 19:01:00 GMT Anna Durrant Photography: Blog 90 120 First birthday party Way back in the summer I photographed Ayanna's delayed first birthday party. I photographed her as a bump and then newborn so it was brilliant to see her again as a toddler. Her mother had worked hard decorating for the occasion and it looked lovely. Little Ayanna was a bit nonplussed by all the fuss but, with bubbles in hand, we went out into the garden to escape all the preparations inside and Ayanna loved the bubble play. 

Toddler dressed in tutu in the gardenAyanna in the garden Toddler dressed in tutu in the gardenAyanna in the garden Her big brother enjoyed the responsibility of being in charge of the bubbles and it was obvious that Ayanna dotes on him.

Ayanna had a change of clothes, as you can see - a real little princess!

Mmm, it tasted good!

Once the cake arrived we took some pictures of the birthday room.

My birthday parties were never this beautiful! 

At the end of all the excitement little Ayanna had a much needed sleep.

Mother and sleeping toddler

And then the guests arrived and I left. 

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Headshots and dance photography I've photographed Chippenham Dancing Academy's dance shows for several years now and it's been lovely to see the youngsters grow and develop their skills. So I was thrilled when asked to photograph Darcy for her university dance applications last week. A beautiful, confident young lady. She needed some headshots, standard dance poses and some more of her choice. One thing I don't understand.... why are dancers not allowed to have any stray hair in classical dance?! I managed to photoshop out the odd wispy bit that was offensive! 


Dancer, classical ballet Dancer, classical ballet

Good luck with your applications, Darcy. I look forward to hearing how you get on. 

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Playtime with puppies! Just realised that I haven't put anything new on here for YEARS!! Sorry. During this Covid 2020 year there is not a lot of new work to feature, but at least I have more time to concentrate on my blog. In looking through pictures meant for my blog, I found these adorable pictures from early last year. Our Boxador, Dora, was mated with a pure Boxer and gave birth to 11 gorgeous puppies in January 2019. It was an exhausting 8 weeks until all but one of the puppies left to go to their forever homes. We encouraged lots of visitors, but especially children, to come and visit the puppies to socialise them. Little Agatha came dressed up nice and snug in her furry bear/cat? outfit and I couldn't resist going slightly mad photographing her - I'm sure you'll see why when looking over these images!


Agatha has dogs of her own so is not scared by these little devils, even with those sharp little teeth that love to chew and pull!

I hope these pictures bring a smile to your face as they have done to mine. Our "little" puppy, Socks is now over 30kg and is quite a character - I think he deserves his own blog post! 


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8 ways to keep your smallest wedding guests entertained.

Candid child photography at a wedding

The picture is mine, but the words have been taken from a blog written by The Tudor Barn, a beautiful wedding venue in Bucks. 

Every wedding has certain guests. There’s the portly uncle who struts around the dance floor like Patrick Swayze. The quiet ‘Goth’ cousin, sitting in the corner, who you only invited because your mum told you to. And the tipsy bridesmaid who has a little too much prosecco… at 9.30am.

But there’s one kind of guest who can make or break a wedding. The child. They can be either delightful or demonic. So how do you keep the kids engaged so that they don’t ruin your special day? Here are some ideas…

  1. Treasure hunt – The grounds are huge here at The Tudor Barn, Burnham. A treasure hunt will keep them occupied for a good hour or so as they follow the clues. Make sure everyone gets a prize too, so no tears.
  2. Goody bags – Get activity packs together to keep them busy at the table, including puzzles and colouring. Tailor them depending on their ages. But stick to crayons, not felt-tip pens. Many venues (including ours) don’t allow pens as they can damage the linen tablecloths.
  3. Disposable Camera I-Spy game – Give every kid a cheap disposable camera and a list of things to photograph. And off they go…
  4. Garden games – You can hire all kinds of games through The Tudor Barn. From giant Jenga and Connect 4, to crazy golf and table tennis. Guaranteed fun. Just ask us what’s available.
  5. Arts & Crafts table – Organise a table full of creative things to do. Beads, tubs of Lego, loom bands… Maybe get one of the older kids to oversee everything.
  6. Dance off – Set aside 10 minutes of your disco time for a kids dance competition. It’ll also wear the darling little cherubs out. Bonus.
  7. Face painter – Always popular with kids. You might get one or two grown ups having a go as well (like that tipsy bridesmaid we mentioned earlier).
  8. A big cage – Kids just love being confined to a cage in a soundproof room! (That’s a joke, of course. It doesn’t have to be soundproof!)

If you have a wedding to organise, I hope this has been helpful.


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Family photography in the snow Don't you just love when it snows? That excited feeling waking up in the morning and knowing that it's snowed without looking outside, because of the special quietness after a snowfall.

I took my long 75-300 mm lens along with my sister and dog to try and get some real action shots. We chose a spot with lots of snow and a reasonable background and Jane started throwing snowballs at Dora the dog. It's much harder than it looks! I kept the aperture fairly small (f7.1) because I know from experience that I won't be able to get sharp images when the dog is moving so much. I put the camera on burst shooting to maximise my chances of getting a good shot, but then found that the focus point was sometimes moving on to the background. So I put the lens on manual focus which worked well, so long as Dora stayed roughly in the same plane. Here are a few of the images I got:

Dog catching snowballsAcrobatics in the snow dog trying to catch snowballsdog trying to catch snowballs   Playing with the dog in the snowPlaying with the dog in the snow

Running with the dog in the snowRunning with the dog in the snow

There was quite a bit of fiddling necessary in Lightroom afterwards as the contrast was huge with white snow and a dog that's nearly black! I lifted the shadows quite a bit, increased the clarity and warmed the images up a bit as it makes me feel better! I hope you like them.

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Why I love this picture A wedding couple sitting in front of a muralA wedding at The Vineyard Hotel and SpaA private moment This picture was taken in front of a wall mural at The Vineyard Hotel and Spa at Stockcross near Newbury. The mural depicts, as is written on the hotel website:

"Judgement of Paris

In 1976, in small room in a Paris hotel, a strange thing happened.

Something that changed a centuries-old status quo and rocked the 'civilised' world to it's roots.

A cataclysm, or a revolution, depending on your point of view.

In a blind tasting with some of the leading French wine aficionados of the day, Californian wines were chosen over France's very best. Big names were knocked right out of the park in a comprehensive whooping."

On first looking at the photo the background appears to be guests, with very strange expressions! I love the young couple's oblivion to their busy background - they only have eyes for each other.

There were many beautiful places inside and outside to take pictures of the bridal couple and I have many more favourites from this wedding!

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Photographing the wedding ceremony This is a difficult one to get right - the photographer/s need to be close enough to be able to see what is going on but far enough away not to impose on proceedings. I tend to come in with the bride and stay towards the back of the aisle to get full length shots of the couple and the room (be it a church or register office). 

shooting down the aisleshooting down the aisle

My assistant comes in with the groom and stays towards the front to get pictures from the other side. Sometimes these two angles line up brilliantly!

shooting from in frontshooting from in front

Simon has kept the depth of field small to let maximum light in, but you can still see the lovely expressions of the bride's family in the background.

From the back of the church I use my long length lens which is perfect for zooming in to get "closer" to the action.

zooming in the photograph the exchange of vowszooming in the photograph the exchange of vows

This church was a very colourful Catholic church on a hilltop town in Italy.

Civil wedding ceremonyCivil wedding ceremony

For smaller registry office weddings I don't bring an assistant along and try to be as discrete as possible by keeping back from the bride and groom but using my zoom lens again. 

Posed pictures are really nice to have, but I love capturing the emotions of the day through photographing not only the bride and groom, as above, but also family and guests sharing the celebrations with their loved ones. 

Tears are not always bad!Tears are not always bad!

Capturing the emotionCapturing the emotion

Tears are not always bad! 

Photographing the wedding ceremony is not always easy as we don't use flash, which would be far too intrusive. Instead we have to work with whatever light there is and make the most of it. 

shooting against the lightshooting against the light

Isn't it great to be able to document these amazing times in a person's life? I often have tears in my eyes, even when I've only met the couple once or twice! I feel very privileged to be a part of these days. 

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What a difference the light makes Last Saturday I took some pictures of Mayella, who is in the process of building a new website for her healing business. The pictures had to be natural looking, show Mayella's spirit and sense of fun and also, of course, to make her look good! We went to Lacock as I know the good spots for background and light as I teach portrait photography there with Lacock Photography.

For this first picture I got Mayella to turn her face towards the light; the shading on her cheek gives good definition and helps to narrow the face. The shade of a tree takes away light from above. 

Portrait photographPortrait photograph

We then moved into the open and I put the sun behind Mayella. To give sparkle to her eyes I shot through a metallised reflector to light the face. 

Back lit portraitBack lit portrait

What a different shot! The light is softer and more even which is good for more mature subjects. The sun makes the hair appear white. The background is far enough way to make it appear soft and diffused. The reflector is an important part of getting the light right, but you could use anything that reflects light back into the face - even a white t-shirt on the photographer would help! 

For this next shot we walked down to the stream in Lacock and had a little play. Hands are often difficult to photograph well - what do you do with them?! Leaning against something helps, especially if your model also leans towards the camera which makes for a flattering picture. 

Relaxed style photographyRelaxed style photography

On our way back to the car we walked up an alleyway at the top of the village and stopped by the gate for a picture. The light here was good, but not quite where I wanted it, so I asked Mayella to look towards the light and laugh hysterically - it sounds ridiculous, but you have to wait until a natural laugh takes over - try it! I moved Mayella around  so the background bushes would frame her. The lighter background gives depth to the image. 


An example of narrow lightingAn example of narrow lighting We had a lot of fun taking these images, and many more, and Mayella loved Lacock, which she had never seen before. I look forward to seeing them on her new website. 

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Bath Botanical Gardens wedding Last Friday I photographed a wedding in Bath Botanical Gardens. I was really looking forward to this wedding as the location is fabulous - so luxurious, verdant and romantic! However, the day started with the rain just pouring down. With the promise of a free lunch I persuaded my sister to come along to be my umbrella holder and we arrived with 4 white golf umbrellas for the wedding party photography and 4 multi coloured umbrellas that I borrowed to try and get guests to come outside for photographs.

As soon as Leilai arrived just before 1, the sun came out and it stayed out the whole time I was there - it was the most perfect afternoon! 

Wedding photography in BathWedding photography in Bath The ceremony was in The Minerva Temple which only holds around 35 people, so there was a gazebo outside to seat the rest of the guests. Access to the couple was not easy but I love this wide angle shot showing the newly married couple and the family in the temple.

Wedding ceremony in the Minerva TempleWedding ceremony in the Minerva Temple I apologise to the guest with the bald head whom I accidently clobbered with my lens hood whilst trying to find a good vantage point. He and his neighbours then got the giggles during a quiet bit of the ceremony! 

As the weather was so beautiful the drinks were served outside and there was plenty of opportunity to get pictures of the guests enjoying themselves and the lovely surroundings.

Minerva Temple and marqueeMinerva Temple and marquee

I plan to start the group pictures shortly after everyone has had a drink, but am always ready to jump in and take any pictures that the bride wants!

Bride and friendsBride and friends

I love taking the confetti throwing pictures - we organise 2 lines of guests and ask the bride and groom to walk through, with guests throwing the confetti up in the air and not, hopefully, straight at them. 

Confetti throwingConfetti throwing I'm always on the look out for taking unposed pictures of the bride, especially, as posing can sometimes look fake. This is one of my favourites. The colours of the flowers in the herbaceous border of the Bath Botanical Gardens really compliments Leilai's flowers. The flowers were from The Wild Bluebell florist and were beautifully fresh and natural and totally complemented the Botanical Gardens.

Natural bride photographyNatural bride photography

I always make sure there is time to take the bride and groom away for a few relaxed, posed pictures and we were spoilt for choice in the gardens.


Bride and groom walking awayBride and groom walking away

I love taking "walking away" pictures with the couple looking at each other. Getting movement in the dress always looks amazing and the connection between the couple is important.

Bride and groom seatedBride and groom seated Bride and groom in parklandBride and groom in parkland Romantic bride and groom photographyRomantic bride and groom photography Bride and groom posingBride and groom posing Bride and groom close up pictureBride and groom close up picture

Such a lovely couple and such a lovely location, especially when the weather is good! 

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Rainy day photography When it rains, most of us put our cameras away and hide from the wet weather. I know I miss many opportunities because I don't want to get the camera wet and/or I don't think pictures will look good. But everyone has pictures of lovely sunny days, blue skies and fluffy clouds - let's try and do something different! On our holiday in Denmark last recently we had the lovely sunny weather with fluffy clouds, and I took lots of pictures of family members socialising and playing.

Toddler balancing on rocking horseChild photography

But some of the clouds were a little darker and heavier and brought some heavy downpours and we got caught in a heavy shower; there wasn't time to get Isla out of her pushchair so Jane made sure the umbrella stayed over her and the pushchair. The older children came and hid under the umbrella because it was exciting and they were all so happy... apart maybe from Jane!

Children hiding under umbrella in rain stormRainy day photography

I slowed down the shutter speed to make the rain trails show up and took several pictures of the hilarity of a bit of rain! 

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Easy natural light photography Last weekend I was taking pictures of Kate and George and little 6 month old Jonah. With it being August the light is strong outside so to make sure that Jonah (and his parents!) were able to comfortably open their eyes, I positioned them on a chair by an open doorway, to get some lovely directional light. This was one of the resulting pictures:

Natural window lit baby portraitBaby natural light photographyThe warm tones of the background are a bit too fiery for my taste!

Whilst the lovely warm colours of the interiors are quite friendly feeling I think they were too distracting. One way around this is to turn the picture into B&W:

B&W photography of 6 month old baby on father's lapBaby photography WiltshireTurning the picture to B&W gets rid of colour distractions.

I was still not happy with the distracting background; whilst I wanted an informal picture using natural light I wanted a bit more focus on the baby, so I used my white pop up background and propped it up behind Jonah and Kate:

Baby photography WiltshireBaby photography WiltshireBeautiful mother and baby portrait Much better! You can use any clean sheet or large bit of card or foam to give the same effect. 

Baby sitting on mother's lapBaby photography WiltshireA plain white backdrop helps to concentrate the eye on the subjects. A mother and baby cuddlingBaby photography WiltshireA little baby cuddle! B&W family portraitBaby photography WiltshireFamily portrait

Try to experiment with window light in your home - the light can be amazing! 



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Why I love this picture Good wedding photographs are triggers for bringing back so many memories from your wedding day; this wedding was very much a DIY wedding - with the bride working so hard in the months leading up to the wedding making dresses and decorations and organising lots of games for the reception. The bride's dress was made from old tablecloths found in charity shops - it was a work of art!

On the day the weather was perfect and it was such a fun, joyful wedding. I love this picture as it shows the alternative nature of the bride! Jodie and Adam love their jumping pictures, so of course we had to do one with the bridesmaids. I chose this location, with the sun behind, so that the girls could open their eyes. The dark green hedge means that their dresses show up really well. And I love the streams of sunlight coming through - perfect! 

Bride and her bridesmaids jumping with sun streaming behind them. Jumping for joy!

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Wiltshire wedding Charlie and Ric got married in Chippenham Register Office back in April. It was a small family affair, but that didn't make it any less special. The bride wore a yellow short length vintage dress that was perfect for a spring wedding. 

Wedding at Chippenham Register OfficeWedding at Chippenham Register Office

On the way down the stairs after the ceremony I quickly took a few pictures making the most of the lovely window light on the stairs.

Wedding couple portrait taken using window lightWedding couple portrait taken using window light

The wedding breakfast was at Calcot Manor. A perfect place to get some lovely outdoor photography.

Bridal couple fun portraithaving fun at Calcot Manor Bride and groom natural light portrait in front of treeWedding couple portrait

We also had a quick photo session back in Hullavington to make the most of the late afternoon sunshine - the first of the day!

Bride and groom portrait back lit by the sun, in front of a willow treeBride and groom portrait


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Vintage portrait session Howard and Sue wanted pictures taken for a display at the Violette Szabo museum in Wormelo in Herefordshire. They are dressed as Violette and her husband, Etienne. A very sad story: Etienne was killed in the war 3 weeks after marrying Violette. Violette went on to have a baby, but then joined the SOE and on her 2nd mission was captured, tortured and inprisoned. She was shot 3 days before the end of WWII, aged just 23. A very brave woman.

Violette and Etienne Szabo re-enactmentViolette and Etienne Szabo re-enactment I love all the effort that Howard and Sue have put in to be as authentic as possible, from the map handkerchief that could be stuffed down clothing if necessary to hide from the enemy, to the 1940's spy camera. A really interesting afternoon!

Vintage portrait photographyVintage portrait photography

The full length picture will be shown at an exhibition at the Violette Szabo museum in Wormelo in Herfordshire.


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Narrow lighting versus broad lighting The way you light a face has a big impact on how we see it.

Narrow lighting (an example is shown below) is achieved by photographing the side of the face away from the main light. In this case the light is coming from an open doorway; the background appears almost black because the room behind is much darker than our model's face. 

An example of narrow lightingAn example of narrow lighting

Narrow lighting makes the face appear slimmer as the eye sees what is lit; shadow can be a good friend! 

With broad lighting the face is photographed on the side of the face that is lit; an example is shown below:
Broad lighting a faceBroad lighting a face

Martha looks gorgeous in both pictures, but you can see how the face appears broader when it's fully lit. 

Children generally look great with broad lighting, but more often than not most adults will appreciate having narrow lighting on their faces. The same applies to a body - if it's lit then the eye sees it, so if you want to fool the eye for a flattering image then use narrow lighting. 

I teach this and many other aspects of portrait photography on my Portrait Training day courses at Lacock Photography.

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Photography training We recently had the first of this year's portrait training days at Lacock Photography, and this time Martha modelled for us. She is a keen photographer herself so it was interesting for her to see what we were doing and to be on the other side of the lens. The April weather was beautiful - real summer warmth, and it made the whole experience even more enjoyable. As usual, we started off in the training room and then we walked around Lacock, stopping when potentially good lighting and background opportunities arose. Because of the nice weather it was REALLY busy, and one of the tourists asked if Martha was someone famous!

Practicing photographing people using a young female modelPractice with modelsMartha in Lacock bus shelter


Practicing photographing people using a young female modelPractice with modelsBeautiful back light with a fill in reflector giving the eyes a catch light

For this picture we placed Martha with the sun behind her, giving her hair lovely rim lighting. To light the face we then used a reflector to camera left, as can be seen in the catch lights in her eyes. 


Practicing photographing people using a young female modelPractice with modelsModel photographed in a doorway using natural light

The cluttered background of the training room becomes dark as Martha has much more light on her than the background. We remembered to turn the lights off, which helps a lot!

Practicing photographing people using a young female modelPractice with modelsA high key portrait using natural light

This was taken in Lacock bus shelter using available light! You really don't need studio lighting to get good results.

Thanks, Martha, for giving us some great picture opportunities and we look forward to seeing you again at Lacock Photography next month.


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Sedex Conference 2017 Last week I spent 2 days in central London at the QEII Conference Centre photographing the annual Sedex conference. Sedex is "home to the world’s largest collaborative platform for sharing responsible sourcing data on supply chains." Many of the talks were too detailed for me to want to listen to, especially all the stuff about auditing! But Vincent from France gave a very interesting talk on how to feed the world of tomorrow with safe and responsibly sourced food. He was a good speaker and photographed well too, which is a bonus for me!

Sedex speakerSedex speaker Sedex speakerSedex speaker Sedex speakerSedex speaker Sedex speakerSedex speaker I didn't want to distract the audience by using flash so had to carefully set the exposure to blow out the back light from the window and get the correct exposure on Vincent's face. I used the clarity control, when processing in Lightroom, to give that extra punch.

[email protected] (Anna Durrant Photography) Sedex conference speaker Sat, 15 Apr 2017 17:45:11 GMT
Portrait photography training The next Lacock Photography portrait training day is this Sunday, so it got me thinking about putting a few pictures from the last session on my blog... and then I saw how long ago I last blogged! Oh dear. My Facebook page gets a lot more attention. 

Philippa modelled for the first time for us in October of last year and here are a few of the pictures I managed to get, in between helping the students and holding the reflector. 

Lacock Photography training dayLacock Photography training day

Such an elegant woman and pose! It was taken in the doorway of the training room using natural light. 

Lacock Photography training dayLacock Photography training day This picture was taken just outside the door of the previous shot. I love the lines and colour of the wooden slatting.

Lacock Photography training dayLacock Photography training day Philippa changed into more practical clothing for our walk into Lacock village. We had many stops all around the beautiful village looking for good light and background. This was taken against one of the old stone walls. It's such a photogenic village and with a young photogenic lady to model for us, what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon! Thanks, Philippa! 

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Winkworth Farm wedding Looking back to last month's weddings I wanted to share this one with you. It started off very wet and windy - why were most Saturdays this summer wet?! But the family were all very excited about the wedding and the bride had a relaxed time preparing with family and bridesmaids at home, regardless of the rain outside. Rosie was radiant. 

A pensive brideA pensive bride

I love taking candid pictures during the preparations - I think they are much more evocative than most posed pictures.

Black and white bride portraitBlack and white bride portrait

The bride listening to her proud mother.

We all managed to get into the church with a lot of fiddling with umbrellas. The service was very moving, with a few tear being shed.

The exchange of rings in churchThe exchange of rings in church

After the ceremony it was still raining so we stayed inside to take some more formal pictures of the wedding party.

Bride and groom full length formal pose in churchBride and groom full length formal pose in church

A fun family pictureA fun family picture I usually take pictures of everyone looking at me but then like to mix it up with more informal pictures where some natural smiles develop. 

Black and white fun picture of ushers with bride and groomBlack and white fun picture of ushers with bride and groom A tender moment between bride and groomA tender moment between bride and groom

I made the most of the lovely light in the church to get some close up bridal couple shots.

Couple by bridal car outside Winkworth FarmCouple by bridal car outside Winkworth Farm Luckily it stopped raining once we arrived at Winkworth Farm so the rest of the pictures could be taken outside. This lovely old car was a surprise for Rosie and Ollie from Rosie's parents.

Bride and groom fun picture through ivy heartBride and groom fun picture through ivy heart

There are lots of lovely places to take pictures at Winkworth Farm.

Confetti shotConfetti shot One of many confetti shots which I love to do as expressions are never fixed!

Bride and groom close upBride and groom close up

Whilst the wedding guests were all going in to be seated ready for the wedding breakfast I took Rosie and Ollie away for 10 minutes of bride and groom photography. It's so important to make sure that I get good pictures of the bride and groom together with good lighting and a little posing.

Bridal couple in hay barnBridal couple in hay barn

The barn in Winkworth Farm is a great place for photography with some lovely light. I could easily have stayed there for an extra hour just taking pictures!

Wind blowing veil over bride and groomWind blowing veil over bride and groom

As I was busy taking different pictures of the couple the wind blew Rosie's veil over both their heads. I sometimes take pictures like this but it can look a little cheesy, but this was completely unplanned and gave some great expressions after this shot!

Thanks for inviting Simon and me to be your wedding photographers. We really enjoyed the day and wish you both the best for your future lives together.


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A perfect country wedding Last Friday I photographed a wedding with the ceremony in Malmesbury Town Hall and the reception in a marquee in the bride's parents' garden in Minety. A few years ago, big sister also had her reception in the garden, and it was a real treat to see the family again and meet the 2 new children. The weather was perfect for lounging around in the garden, drinking and talking with friends and family. The bride and groom didn't want many posed group pictures so there was plenty of time to get lots of candid pictures of guests enjoying themselves and I captured a lot of laughter. Here are just a few of the pictures from the afternoon.

Bridal portraitBridal portrait

The bride's beautiful dress was a creation of her aunt's, Sally Lacock, who has a shop in London. It looked stunning on Holly.

Holly was keen to get in and marry her man!

The newly married coupleThe newly married couple

The bride and groom had a moment to themselves as the witnesses signed the register.



One of the confetti shotsOne of the confetti shots

The confetti shots are always fun, as there's no posing and lots of smiles! Holly's little nephew was keen to join in.

A posed bride and groom pictureA posed bride and groom picture

We managed to snatch a few minutes of time for some bride and groom photography. A family member held a reflector to give a bit of extra light into the faces as the sun was behind the couple. 

Good luck for the future, Holly and Toby, and for your lives together. 



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Family photo shoot Take a lovely English summer's late afternoon, and a family with their dog in their garden looking its best and with the sun shining, and these are a few of the resulting pictures. 

Back lit, natural couples portraitBack lit, natural couples portrait

With the sun behind the couple, I used a reflector to brighten the eyes with a little extra light.  Family with their old dog in the back garden on a warm summer's evening

It's not easy to get the family dog to sit and look at the camera - they usually run over to sniff the lens. Jessie was very well behaved!

Gemma with her chicken

And even the chicken was easy to photograph. The beautiful evening sun was a real bonus. 

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A Portrait training session with Lacock Photography Last Sunday was another teaching day - portrait photography at Lacock Photography. We had a full house with 6 students, who were all good fun and keen to learn. The morning was spent in the classroom going over the most important points of how to take good portrait pictures, with examples of what NOT to do as well as what works well, and lots of images to demonstrate. After lunch Leila arrived and we tried out different techniques in the classroom, using window and door light. We then headed out into the village, stopping at any places that looked like the light was good, together with a suitable background. We're spoilt for choice in Lacock! Here are a few images that I took on the day, although I did't take too many with so many students. 

Seated poseSeated pose Leila in the bus shelterLeila in the bus shelter Portrait against wooden plankingPortrait against wooden planking Relaxed photo in clover fieldRelaxed photo in clover field Peeping out from behind a treePeeping out from behind a tree


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Wedding in Wiltshire Last week I photographed a small wedding, the ceremony being at the registry office in Chippenham and then the reception at The White Horse Inn in Compton Bassett. It was a lovely family and close friend's celebration; the weather was perfect and the May countryside was shown to its best. Here are a few pictures from the day:

Bride and groomBride and groom Outside Chippenham Registry OfficeOutside Chippenham Registry Office

Bride with sistersBride with sisters Young bridesmaidYoung bridesmaid ‚Äč

young bridesmaid runningBridesmaid The geese were a great attraction for the children, although fingers had to be kept away from those beaks! The weather was perfect for the guests to fully enjoy being outside in the garden for drinks and canape before the Wedding Breakfast. Relaxing in the gardenRelaxing in the garden Bride and groomBride and groom

I always insist on taking the bride and groom away for a few minutes photography, usually whilst guests are getting seated for the wedding breakfast. Many couples like the idea of candid, documentary pictures, but there is the danger that there will be very few pictures of the happy couple shown together if no posing is planned.

Close up of bride and groomClose up of bride and groom

[email protected] (Anna Durrant Photography) Chippenham Registry Office Wiltshire wedding photographer wedding photography Sat, 04 Jun 2016 14:43:07 GMT
Family photo session Now the summer is nearly here and we're all enjoying being outside a lot more it's a great time to think about having a family photo session. My favourite type of session is to take a few pictures around your house, inside and out in the garden - you don't need much space or beautiful surroundings to get good pictures; I look for good light. Then I like to go for a little walk and again, the location doesn't need to be really beautiful as there are always lovely little spots we can find. Some tree shade is a real asset. 

Here are a few pictures from a March family photo session I did in Malmesbury, long before the trees had leaves on them when the daffodils were still in full bloom. 

Brother and sister sitting on chairsBrother and sisterThis is MY chair I often bring a pot of bubbles along for photo sessions with young children - I love bubbles too! But usually I would definitely NOT give the pot to a child this young as it's a sure fire way of emptying the pot of all its bubble mixture!

For more information about a family photo session with me please go to the portrait section of my website or email or phone me.

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The advantages of having a second shooter Last weekend we photographed a wedding in the lovely May sunshine in Dorset. EVERYTHING was beautiful! I'm sharing a couple of pairs of pictures with you today that really show the benefit of having a second shooter to capture a different angle. My husband, Simon, helps me on weekend weddings, he drops me off with the women preparing for the big day while he goes off and photographs the groom and men getting ready. He then stands at the head of the church, or ceremony room, and photographs emotions that I have no idea about, standing at the end of the church where I'm able to take in the full view of the church and the proceedings. This is what I mean:

Just married couple at altarBridal couple at altar in churchMr and Mrs!

Church wedding photographyChurch wedding photographyJust married

Another example is the confetti throwing. This time, whilst I did my usual trick of walking backwards down the confetti tunnel trying my best not to crash in to guests, Simon went down the outside and because he is so tall, he managed to take pictures over the heads of most of the guests. 

The confetti tunnelThe confetti tunnelRose petal confetti photo A confetti shotA confetti shotPetals everywhere!

I think I prefer Simon's shots - what do you think?

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Portrait training at Lacock Photography Lovely Leila modelled for us again yesterday at Lacock Photography. After a morning spent in the classroom going over the theory of taking great portrait pictures we ventured out around the village of Lacock for some photography practice with Leila. It's such a good way to try different things out and experiment and, from what I could see, the students all got some lovely images. 

Here are a few of the pictures I grabbed:

Portrait courses WiltshirePortrait courses Wiltshire Portrait modellingPortrait modelling portrait model in Lacock bus shelterportrait model in Lacock bus shelter Model full length Lacock PhotographyModel full length Lacock Photography Photography training course LacockPhotography training course Lacock Outdoor photography modellingOutdoor photography modelling Photography coursePhotography course

Some very different images, and I really don't know which is my favourite!

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Newborn baby photography Lovely little Theo was only a couple of weeks old when I went over to his house to photograph him recently. It's such a totally different style of photography than most of my other photography; it can take up to 4 hours to make sure the baby is really asleep to get those lovely naked, peaceful pictures that we strive for. We got a lovely selection with Theo, who was beautifully behaved and gorgeous. 

Newborn baby photoNewborn baby photo newborn with cute hatnewborn with cute hat Newborn baby awakeNewborn baby awake Naked newborn babyNaked newborn baby Newborn baby hand detailNewborn baby hand detail

[email protected] (Anna Durrant Photography) Newborn baby Sat, 19 Mar 2016 22:17:04 GMT
Romantic weddings With Valentine's day coming up I was thinking about the most romantic weddings we've photographed and one of them has got to be this one. 

Romantic weddingRomantic weddingWedding photography in Devizes Richard and Natasha met around 10 years previously when he used to travel to Russia for business and they finally decided that once Natasha retired they would get married and she would move to the UK. No guests were invited to their wedding as there were complications with family so I took Lexy along as my assistant so that she and I could be witnesses at the register office. Richard had sneaked a look in the wardrobe and seen the colour of Natasha's outfit before the wedding and ordered a bouquet that matched perfectly and was a surprise to her. We were only photographing for a couple of hours and so I decided that we would take a tour of Devizes and get some pictures in the best parts of town (there was no reception). As it was February the weather was cold and it was also very overcast on this day - not the best weather for outside wedding photography! But I brought a flash along so we could get some stronger lighting which I used in a few situations. Richard had made a "wedding breakfast" of smoked salmon sandwiches, a Jamaica ginger cake and some chocolate and he also brought a bottle of champagne along and 4 crystal glasses (bought from Oxfam as all the furniture was in storage) so that Lexy and I could join in their wedding breakfast, which we enjoyed sitting outside before the photography began. 

The whole wedding was so simple but so lovely! And we got some beautiful pictures for Richard and Natasha to look back on. 

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Fun in the sun I'm not exactly rushed off my feet in January with these cold, dark days. It's actually really nice to have time to stop and think about my photography and do some training and planning. Next week I'm off to the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers' annual convention in London with a really interesting trade show with lots of new products  and lots of seminars covering every type of photography and every aspect.

However, today I've been looking over some of my favourite pictures from last year and I want to share a few with you.

childrens portraiturechildrens portraitureSisters in the sun!

This was taken less than 4 months ago but it seems an age ago now!

Child photographyChild photographyI love bubbles!

A few pictures in the garden and then a walk in Hullavington to enjoy the late afternoon sun.

Childrens' lifestyle photographyChildrens' lifestyle photographyGirls dancing without a care in the world

One day it will be warm and green again! In the meantime a bit of snow would be nice...

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Drama and dance group photography This last week has been a busy one for photographing local dance and theatre groups. Createmovedance in Kington Langley is a dance group for toddlers and older children and a demonstration class is given each December to show the parents a little of what the children can do. Some of these children are so young and so cute! Here is a picture of the youngest ones all dressed up and playing their part in Sleeping Beauty.

Create Move Dance demoCreate Move Dance demoThe youngest age group performing in front of their parents

The rest of the week was the turn of some slightly older children from Chippenham Youth Theatre, who were performing Aladdin. The shows actually took place at Stonar School last weekend, but I went along to the post show class of each age group to get some relaxed pictures of the children dressed in their costumes and then dressing up in anything they could find in the dressing up box! There was definitely an "end-of-term" atmosphere. They all have so much fun, learning, performing and having a great time with friends. I enjoy taking their pictures and seeing how the youngsters develop year by year.

Chippenham Youth TheatreChippenham Youth TheatreA girls' friendship group.

This is one of the friendship groups asked for.


Chippenham Youth TheatreChippenham Youth TheatreDressing up!

And this is one of the dressing up pictures I took. Just for fun!

[email protected] (Anna Durrant Photography) Chippenham Youth Theatre children createmovedance dance photography Sun, 13 Dec 2015 17:55:13 GMT
Wedding training in the November storms! Do you remember the horrible weather of last Sunday - the 29th November? I was not looking forward to having a wedding photography training day with the prospect of rain and high winds, but in the end we felt we had been very lucky. OK, the veil did blow away and was caught before it got too far, but the rain held off and we managed to take a few pictures outside, taking shelter under trees in the graveyard of the church in Lacock. Inside the church was also a great place to keep warm and to use the beautiful window light coming in. It's always worth persevering with photography in inclement weather as it never looks as bad as it might feel at the time!

Wedding photography training at LacockWedding photography training at LacockWalking in the rain! Wedding photography training in LacockWedding photography training in Lacockcuddling up under a tree!

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Engagement session Earlier this month Carl, Beth and I went for a morning walk in nearby Castle Combe to take some engagement pictures of the two of them. As it was a cloudy day I wanted to find some cover of some sort to block out some of the overhead light so we headed for the woods. Of course, there were lots of possiblities on the way there, but we had the luxury of being able to stop when we wanted and make the most of the beautiful countryside and the autumn colours. Here are a few of the images we took:

Young couple resting on wall on woodland pathOn a path in Castle CombePre-wedding session in Castle Combe

Young couple on woodland pathYoung couple on woodland pathA romantic kiss Youngin woodland

Engagement photography near Castle CombeEngagement photography near Castle CombeThe happy couple enjoying each other's company Sitting amonst the long grass near Castle CombeSitting amonst the long grass near Castle CombeCuddling in the grass!

[email protected] (Anna Durrant Photography) Castle Combe engagement photography pre-wedding photography romantic couple photography Thu, 22 Oct 2015 16:33:59 GMT
A wedding by the river Thames After weeks of dry weather the day we were going to photograph a wedding on, and beside the river Thames, it rained! One saving grace was that it was warm. The bridal couple and their guests arrived at the venue in a Dutch barge - so romantic! Champagne and canape were supposed to be consumed enjoying the beautiful views of the river and the Windsor countryside, but unfortunately we were all confined to inside as it poured with rain.

Bride looking out of barge windowBerkshire wedding1The bride preparing for the wedding in the Dutch barge

However, rain invariably does not show in pictures (unless it's really heavy) and if pictures avoid showing the bland grey sky then the eye can easily be fooled into thinking it was a nice day. We managed to get outside and take some pictures when the rain stopped and so we could make the most of the lovely surroundings

Bride and guest through Dutch barge windowBerkshire wedding2Looking inside the barge from outside


Bride in wedding dress with flowersBerkshire wedding5Close of bridal dress


Bride and groom clasping hands during ceremonyBerkshire wedding3A moment during the marriage ceremony

Romantic picture of bride and groom on jetty by river ThamesBerkshire wedding4Bride and groom by the river Thames

Bride and groom standing in front of Dutch bargeBerkshire wedding6Bride and groom in front of their Dutch barge on the river Thames.

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Wedding in Germany In May we travelled to Germany to photograph an old friend's wedding. We were also guests - such a treat to be able to eat and drink with all the other guests! And because we stayed several days in Germany we photographed some of the preparations and also some of the next day celebrations. The weather was cool and a little drizzly on the wedding day, but that dampened no one's spirits; the venue was perfect for the occasion and beautifully decorated by the bride, groom and their friends and families.

Here are a few of the pictures we took:


Photography at the wedding ceremonyPhotography at the wedding ceremonyA glance at her new husband during the wedding service Bride and groom photographyBride and groom photographyBridal couple by a lovely old door

Bride and groom in full length poseBridal couple photographyThe happy couple by an old disused slate mine

Bride and groom photographyBride and groom photographyBride and groom by the river Ruhr

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Portrait Photography training On Sunday September 13th we have a couple of sessions of photography training with the lovely Leila, who has modelled for us a couple of times already. We are holding two half day ‘lifestyle’ Portrait Photography Photoshoots”; each session will be 3 hours in duration, of which 2 hours will be shooting with the model. If you are confident with using your camera settings (if not you need the Lacock Photography beginner's course!) and are interested in practicing your people photography, looking carefully at how best to use natural light and backgrounds then this short session is for you. Here are a few pictures I took on the full day portrait photography course in June. Contact for more details and to book.

Whatever the weather on the day we'll have some fun and get some great pictures!


Lifestyle portrait photographyLifestyle portrait photographyUsing the beautiful light under a big tree. "Rembrandt" lighting using window light"Rembrandt" lighting using window lightPicture taken just inside the door of the training room at Lacock Photography Outdoor portrait photograpyOutdoor portrait photograpyTaken just outside the training room at Lacock Photography

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A wet wedding at Beechfield House, Melksham, Wiltshire Summer weddings are not always warm and sunny! It's challenging and sometimes fun for the photographer at a wet wedding to come up with ways of maximising the surroundings and making the most of the situation. At this particular wedding the rain did not let up the whole day; we went out with umbrellas for some bride and groom photography and for the confetti pictures but there was never an opportunity to leave out the umbrellas! However, Beechfield House is a great venue for indoor photography with a lovely staircase and some great big windows with window seats. Here are a few of the pictures we took:

A confetti tunnel of umbrellasA confetti tunnel of umbrellasConfetti photography in the rain Bridal preparationsBridal preparationsBridal preparation photography The bridesmaidsThe bridesmaidsBridesmaid photography in the entrance to Beechfield House Bridal photography detailBridal photography detailA shot showing the lovely textures of the dress and the bridal bouquet A wedding kissA wedding kissA kiss in Beechfield House entrance Beechfield House wet weddingBeechfield House wet weddingBride and groom walking away

Thanks for choosing us as your wedding photographers, Patrick and Laura and good luck in your future life together.


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Some weddings we have done... I must share with you just a few of the past weddings we have photographed as this blog of my new website is so devoid of any pictures - not good for a photographer! My wedding photography started out in the old film days; thinking back now it seems so scary not to be able to check the back of the screen just to make sure that exposures look OK! We've photographed weddings in all months of the year and all weathers and have experience to get the best of whatever situation we are in. Experience is pretty important for an event like a wedding when you only get one chance to get it right!

Wedding photography is just a part of our business; I like the variety of photographing people in all sorts of situations for all sorts of reasons. But it is SUCH a privilege to be asked to be a part of a couple's wedding day and to share so many amazing moments with them. Our aim is to capture as many of all the emotions that make up the day and this means looking for the detail. As with all my photography, looking for a good lighting angle is always important to me to maximise the impact of each image. Here are a few pictures from over the years:

An autumn wedding in Wellington BarnAn autumn wedding in Wellington BarnThe beautiful Wiltshire fields near Calne Wedding danceWedding danceAn exceptional first dance! Wedding in CorshamWedding in CorshamA wet day in May! A Hertfordshire  weddingA Hertfordshire weddingA fun wedding in Hertfordshire A November weddingA November weddingWinter wedding in Wiltshire Beautiful weddingBeautiful weddingGorgeous wedding in Priston Mill Summer wedding in Abbey House GardensSummer wedding in Abbey House GardensSummer in Abbey House Gardens Summer wedding in MalmesburySummer wedding in MalmesburyWedding in the gardens of Abbey House Gardens

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Amazing Wiltshire party Now my new website is finally up and running I must start populating my new blog site! All my years of work are now not to be seen here, unfortunately, but this new blog has much bigger images and looks so much better. So, now on to some pictures:

Last Saturday I photographed a joint 21st, 18th and 16th birthday party in Tormaton, Wiltshire. What an amazing event! Ruth Brookman from Brookman Greene was the party planner and she had worked for over a year planning the event with the family. Every last detail had been thought about and everyone had such a good time.

Mohitos from the cocktail barMohitos from the cocktail bar

Tipi tents in field at Wiltshire birthday partyTipi tents in field at Wiltshire birthday partyThe fire pits were lit as the sun went down.



Evening Wiltshire party sceneEvening Wiltshire party sceneA beautiful July evening for an outdoor party!

Party buffet food served from an awningParty buffet food served from an awningThe food smelled delicious!

Wiltshire partyWiltshire partyTipi tents set up for 130 guests with eating area, dance floor and chill out area

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Look for the light girl sitting by side of The Roman Baths in BathThe Roman Baths photography (1)What colours!

What a lovely surprise to discover how beautiful the light is around The Roman Baths in Bath! The alcoves provided enough light subtraction for really lovely directional light, and the interesting old Bath stone walls were the perfect backdrop. I had to photography quickly to avoid all the tourists, but I could have spent hours there with my willing subjects. The Roman Baths are also very well presented - I hadn't visited for many years and was really impressed with the whole experience.

girl looking pensively out of the pictureThe Roman Baths photography (4)Beautiful light coming in from the left Mother and child sitting in alcove in The Roman Baths in BathThe Roman Baths photography (2)An alcove gives beautiful light

The Roman Baths photography (3)The Roman Baths photography (3)Happy family group

[email protected] (Anna Durrant Photography) Thu, 26 Feb 2015 17:59:11 GMT