Frequently asked questions about portrait photography

What happens if it’s raining on the day of a shoot?

Unless you have a particular desire to be out in the open e.g. Westonbirt in the autumn, we will still plan to meet; I have a superb set of camera lenses which perform very well in low light conditions inside and I love using natural window light to take portraits. The only condition in which this is difficult is when there is a big group that needs photographing, and for this we will need to find somewhere under cover. So long as I can protect my camera equipment with an umbrella I am only too happy to get wet and have a splash around outside anyway!

What clothing shall we wear?

Try not to wear clothing that clashes with other family members. I prefer that you wear plain clothing that you feel comfortable in. If we are going for a walk then try not to carry too many coats and accessories which will be an encumbrance, or else carry a rucksack to stuff them into. Unless you specifically want to wear white clothing I wouldn’t recommend it – it can be too bright!

What if the children do not want to pose?

Please do not worry about getting your children to ‘behave’ and pose for the camera. I get much better results if they are allowed to be as natural as possible. I will try and make a game of it to get them to come together for group shots. If it doesn’t work, never mind, we’ll quickly move on and try something else! If we are going for a walk then please try and have some refreshments on hand for tired, thirsty children, but nothing too messy!

I hate my picture being taken – can you just do the children?

Are you getting any younger… or more beautiful…? NOW is the best time to have your picture taken! In a few decades your children will be thrilled to have good pictures of their parents; think about how much fun it is to look through old family pictures and find images of relatives in times gone by. You owe it to your children to be included!