Frequently Asked Questions about wedding photography Wet wedding dayWedding Photography in the rain

What happens if it’s raining on the day of the wedding?

Don't worry, we can still take amazing wedding photographs in the rain! Some of my best wedding photography has been taken in light drizzle in the summer - it’s a lovely gentle light. I can provide 3 matching large ivory umbrellas for wet weather photography - one for the bride and groom and the others for some of the bridal party, so don't worry, whatever the weather throws at us, you'll get some lovely images!

I have a superb set of camera lenses which perform very well in low light conditions inside and I love using natural window light to take portraits, so if the weather is really bad I will aim to find some big windows for some of the bride and groom shots. If you choose a winter wedding and we are inside and it is dark, I also have lights to suit everything from intimate portraits of the happy couple to large groups.

How long should we leave for photography after the ceremony?

I would recommend at least a 2 hour gap between the end of the ceremony and the line-up (if you are having one) or Wedding Breakfast. I would like to spend at least half an hour with the bride and groom alone somewhere to take pictures during this time. I appreciate that you want to spend time with friends and relatives and am very conscious of achieving a good balance between getting good images and being a real nuisance!

What about the group shots?

Group shots are not a photographer’s favourite! However, as much as you think that you may not want any group shots, there are always going to be some that will be necessary; it’s not often that you are all together and looking so smart! I ask clients to think about what group shots they want then plan time accordingly. To make this as efficient as possible I would ask that one of your relatives or guests, who is familiar with both sides of the families, be available to call together all those needed for a group shot. This way we can get through the groups quickly and painlessly!

I hate my picture being taken – how will I manage?

You are not alone! We will work quickly and unobtrusively, where possible, so that you won’t have time to get nervous about the photography. Just be happy, enjoy the day and, I promise you, you will look great! Those couples who have the pre-wedding shoot also find this helps them to feel more comfortable in front of the camera and to relax and enjoy their wedding day more as a result.