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Romantic weddings

February 13, 2016  •  1 Comment

With Valentine's day coming up I was thinking about the most romantic weddings we've photographed and one of them has got to be this one. 

Romantic weddingRomantic weddingWedding photography in Devizes Richard and Natasha met around 10 years previously when he used to travel to Russia for business and they finally decided that once Natasha retired they would get married and she would move to the UK. No guests were invited to their wedding as there were complications with family so I took Lexy along as my assistant so that she and I could be witnesses at the register office. Richard had sneaked a look in the wardrobe and seen the colour of Natasha's outfit before the wedding and ordered a bouquet that matched perfectly and was a surprise to her. We were only photographing for a couple of hours and so I decided that we would take a tour of Devizes and get some pictures in the best parts of town (there was no reception). As it was February the weather was cold and it was also very overcast on this day - not the best weather for outside wedding photography! But I brought a flash along so we could get some stronger lighting which I used in a few situations. Richard had made a "wedding breakfast" of smoked salmon sandwiches, a Jamaica ginger cake and some chocolate and he also brought a bottle of champagne along and 4 crystal glasses (bought from Oxfam as all the furniture was in storage) so that Lexy and I could join in their wedding breakfast, which we enjoyed sitting outside before the photography began. 

The whole wedding was so simple but so lovely! And we got some beautiful pictures for Richard and Natasha to look back on. 


Somerset Wedding Gal(non-registered)
So sweet, sometimes it's the most simple weddings that let the couple's story and their love shine through!
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